Brand New You

by Lipstick Lumberjack

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released January 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Lipstick Lumberjack Orange, California

Transcendentalist Folk Pop

A Lipstick Lumberjack (in the wild) is a whimsical character who lives with one foot in the city, the other in the forest.

As Lipstick Lumberjack (the band), Sam Sobelman and Nikki Coles write songs that span genres, mixing deliriously joyful folk pop with brooding, rootsy ballads. Their lyrics cover topics from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows.
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Track Name: Brand New You
As you sit on the porch, you toss back another scotch.
The drink has loosened your tongue, you think that while you're still young
You should make some resolutions.

You promise to shed a few, and to limit your drinks to two;
Find a classy lady to woo. The only thing that's stopping you
is you, just you.

It's a brand new year, it's a brand new you.
It's a brand new year, it's a brand new you.

There are a hundred things that I hate about myself,
If I could, I'd turn into anybody else,
But then I'd find myself stuck with a dozen things more
And I'd be no better off than I was before.

There's something deep inside me that I just can't switch.
It's a scab on my soul that I just can't itch.
And if I can't change forever, at least I'll know that I tried.
Yeah, I tried.

It's a brand new year, it's a brand new you.
It's a brand new year, it's a brand new you.

This time I'll change. This time it'll stick.
I've got a couple new apps that'll surely do the trick.
This time I mean it, yeah I'm really resolved,
I can be a better man for much longer than a song.